January 28, 2019

About Heeran Workman Realtor

Heeran Workman is a top producing Realtor in Omaha, Nebraska and a former national real estate coach for the Tom Ferry organization. As a graduate of Westside High School in District 66 as well as Creighton University, Heeran has called Omaha home since she was 7 years old and is very knowledgeable about the Omaha Metro housing market. As a real estate agent since 2003 and real estate investor since 2002, Heeran has both the experience and background to uniquely represent her clients at the highest level. As a technology and business leader, Heeran has the marketing, technical, and business strategies to ensure a smooth transaction. Heeran sells real estate in Douglas, Sarpy, Washington, and Cass counties of Nebraska including Omaha, Bellevue, Elkhorn, Gretna, Papillion, Ralston, La Vista, Fremont, Millard, Blair, Plattsmouth, Bennington, and Offutt Air Force Base.

We offer more than just traditional MLS listing services. List your home with us because we have the most aggressive home marketing plan. Purchase your next home through us because we will help you find your perfect home. We have many homes for sale. Call us today at (402) 707-7878. We would like the opportunity to be your Omaha real estate source of information.

Sellers- Heeran's Home Team incorporates the most effective marketing strategies above and beyond how a traditional full-service real estate agent would market your home. Heeran utilizes her knowledge of technology to give her listings a major edge over the competition. We believe in the power of "Marketing" and spend roughly 10-12 times more in resources to market our listings for sale. We also network with other active Realtors to match up their buyers with our listings. Call (402) 707-7878 now for a free home selling consultation.

Buyers-The agent that you hire directly results in the success of your transaction. We will streamline the home buying process and negotiate on your behalf. We can set you up on a 24HR Omaha Homes Marketplace Watch to view Omaha homes for sale, as well as surrounding areas, so that you can view new listings the moment it becomes available.

Heeran's Biography
-2016, 2017 RE/MAX International Platinum Award Recipient

-2013, 2014, and 2015 Award Winner For Top Producer and Top Listing Agent At Nebraska Realty (Approximately 300 Agents)

-Former National Real Estate Coach

-Creighton University Alumni
**Bachelors Degree in Accounting Dec. 1997
**Masters Degree in IT May 2000
**MBA December 2000

-Westside High School Alumni May 1994

-Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

-2015 Omaha Area Board of Realtor's Top Broker's Panel Expert

-2012 Omaha Area Board of Realtor's Top Producer's Panel Expert

-2012 Women's Council of Realtor's Top Producer's Panel Expert

-Active Omaha Real Estate Investor

-National Association of Realtors

-Omaha Area Board of Realtors

-Omaha Area Multiple Listing Service

-Nebraska Realtors Association

November 29, 2018

How To Get Your House Ready For Winter Time Selling


1.  Keep the walkways and driveways cleared of ice and snow-If people can't easily get to the door, they will not want to go in.  Slipping on ice and falling is never a fun situation for anyone.

2.  Stage the home to make it warm and inviting-For example, place a cozy throw over a chair and turn the fireplace on.  Make sure you raise the thermostat up.  If the buyers' teeth are chattering while touring the home, it's not a good thing.

3.  Try to encourage showings during daylight hours- It gets too dark, too fast.  Make sure you have lighting, especially outside lighting on so that buyers can get a good look.

4.  Nice aroma never hurts- The smell of warm cookies or cinnamon rolls bring nothing but good memories this time of year.

5.  Place a "Thank You For Removing Your Shoes" sign on your door.  Buyers and buyer's agents should use common sense to do this anyways, but they don't always do that.  Heeran's Home Team will place a sign on the door for you.

6.  Spring, summer, fall, or winter, utilize other common sense rules to get the house ready for showings - For example, no smoking inside the house, de-clutter, put away personalized photos, clean the home, kennel pets during showings, and remove pet odor smell.

Thinking of moving within the next 12 months? Call now for a free home buying or selling consultation at 402-318-SOLD (7653)

Free nationwide top agent referral service. Do you know anyone who needs a top agent in any part of the country? I'm part of a top agent network consisting of realtors all of the country who are in the top 5% of the industry. This is a free service so call me at (402) 707-7878 and I would be happy to refer a couple top agents that you or your family and friends can interview. Go to our website at http://www.HeeransHomeTeam.com

    By: Heeran Workman, MBA, Realtor - eXp Realty Omaha NE Real Estate

    October 16, 2018

    Selling Rent To Own-Frequently Asked Questions By Heeran Workman In Omaha NE

    Selling Rent To Own FAQs

    Q: What exactly is a Rent To Own?
    A: You rent the property out to a buyer but they have the option to purchase the property within a specific timeframe.  

    Q: Why does someone opt to sell rent to own versus an outright sale?  
    A: Here are a few reasons I have seen in the past on why sellers to sell rent to own: they are in the business of selling rent to own homes, tax purposes, equity purposes, slower market conditions, sellers wanting to give addtional financing options, etc.

    Q: Is there a down payment (option consideration) that is collected?  
    A: It will depend on the home, the buyer, and the seller.  The option consideration needs to meet the needs of  both the buyer and the seller but I have typically seen about 1-10% of the sales price upfront.  

    Q: What is the criteria sellers typically use to select the Rent To Own buyer?
    A: Factors include the amount of upfront option consideration, date of move, income level, situation, and the timeframe for purchase.  

    Q: Will the option consideration be counted towards the purchase of the house when the option to purchase is exercised?
    A: Typically yes.

    Q: How long is a Rent To Own term set for?
    A: The option period means that the buyer has an option to purchase the property within the amount of time the option period is set for.  Some sellers will provide a short-term option period and others opt to give many years.  The shortest terms our sellers have given is 6 months.  The longest we have worked with has been 5 years.

    Q: Once a seller and buyer agrees to this type of purchase, what is collected upfront?
    A: Typically the option consideration, security deposit, and first and/or last month's rent.   

    Q: Is the purchase price of the house determined upfront?
    A: Some contracts have the price stipulated upfront.  Others choose to determine a fair market value at the time of purchase sometimes through an appraisal or a comparative market analysis.

    Q: Why does someone opt to buy rent to own versus an outright purchase?  
    A: There are many reasons why a buyer might want to buy rent to own versus a convetional purchase.  Here are a few I have encountered: self-employed and do not have the documentation for a bank financing, prior dings on credit scores, prior bankruptcies, the necessity to sell and close on the buyer's other home before they can purchase a new one, the necessity to save up more down payment money, etc.

    Q: How can I get more information about selling rent to own?  
    A: Call Heeran Workman for a free consultation.  She started her real estate career as a real estate investor and has extensive experience structuring rent to own transactions for her own portfolio as well as helping other sellers.

    Thinking of moving within the next 12 months? Call now for a free home buying or selling consultation at (402) 707-7878

    Free nationwide top agent referral service. Do you know anyone who needs a top agent in any part of the country? I'm part of a top agent network consisting of realtors all of the country who are in the top 5% of the industry. This is a free service so call me at (402) 318-7653 and I would be happy to refer a couple top agents that you or your family and friends can interview. Go to our website at http://www.HeeransHomeTeam.com
      By: Heeran Workman, MBA, Realtor - eXp Realty Omaha NE Real Estate

      September 21, 2018

      Does The Home Sale Marketing Program Affect The Seller's Bottom Line? By Heeran Workman

      Q:  Does the homes sale marketing plan make a difference to my bottom line?
      A:  Absolutely yes.  In a slow real estate market, it's the difference between that seller receiving an offer or expiring out of the multiple listing service (mls).  In a hot market, it's the difference between getting 1 offer or multiple buyers outbidding each other which natually raises the home sales price with more favorable terms for the seller.  Favorable terms could be a cash sale with no financing, buyers waiving certain inspections, buyers waiving home warranties, sellers being able to choose the closing date, and buyers asking for the least amount of closing/escrow costs to be paid by the seller for the buyer side costs.

      Q:  If I interview 5 different agents from the same brokerage, will the home marketing program be the same?
      A:  No, realtors whether we are talking about Omaha Nebraska or nationwide are mostly independent contractors.  As real estate agents, we pass our licensing exam and then choose a brokerage to "hang" our licenses.  The brokerages may have a certain level of marketing that they provide for their agents, but for the most part, it is up to each individual agent to determine how much time, energy, money and resources that he/she will devote to any individual listing.

      Q:  What are some examples of marketing that I may or may not get for my listing?
      A:  1.  Basic services typically included are: photos taken by agent's smartphone, listing in the mls system, basic syndication to various real estate websites, and yard sign.

            2.  Premium marketing services may included: professional photography, social media posts, featured listings in various websites like Zillow, virtual tours, interior video walkthroughs, craigslist postings, SEO work on listings, active prospecting to the agent community, call capture systems, digital flyers, single property websites, staging consultations, drone videos, and more.  A small percentage of agents will also hire their own home sale marketing manager to ensure that the highest level of marketing is completed on the listed property.

      Q:  If I'm interviewing agents, how will I know what type of marketing will be done on my home?
      A:  Ask to see samples and to show you the list of marketing stratgegies that will be completed on your home.  This is the only way to know for sure.

      Q:  How does Heeran Workman's marketing plan compare to the average in the industry?
      A:  I have always believed in the power of marketing whether the market is good or bad.  I have had countless clients where their property was listed prior to working with me by 1, 2, and as many as 4 different agents.  After implementing my marketing plan, they were able to sell their homes.  To read some of these testimonials, CLICK HERE.  Sellers invest their heart and soul into their homes and always want to walk away with the most amount of money as possible.  My way of investing in my clients is to implement the most aggressive home marketing program on their behalf.  To see samples of my marketing plan, call for a complimentary consultation (402) 707-7878.

      Free nationwide top agent referral service.  Do you know anyone who needs a top agent in any part of the country?  I'm part of a top agent network consisting of realtors all of the country who are in the top 5% of the industry.  This is a free service so call me at  (402) 318-7653 and I would be happy to refer a couple top agents that you or your family and friends can interview.

      Go to our website at http://www.HeeransHomeTeam.com

      By: : Heeran Workman, MBA, Realtor - eXp Realty  Omaha NE Real Estate

      September 18, 2018

      Testimonial References For Heeran Workman Omaha, NE Realtor

      Reviews From Past Clients

      "If only I met Heeran sooner.....After 10 months of anguish, I  finally made the switch to Heeran Workman and within 60 days my house was under contract.  Heeran aggressively marketed my house and attempted different strategies to entice buyers and their agents. It was nice to see the agent go the extra mile, to  keep problem solving, and never settling until the house was sold. Even when I was giving up hope, Heeran remained energetic and enthusiastic.   She's very articulate, professional, technology savvy,  and trustworthy.   I swear she must work 24 hours a day because she returned every message so quickly. I appreciated how she tactfully respected my feelings, while encouraging me to make the right decisions. She listened to my ideas and worked extremely hard to sell my house. In the tough housing market, you need someone like Heeran who knows all the tricks of the trade and has the energy to put these ideas into practice.  Heeran is a ball of fire and an answer to a prayer!  Hoorah for Heeran!!  What a relief to finally sell my house."
      - Kay Mudloff, Omaha Nebraska
      "Heeran Workman performed a miracle getting my parents house sold in a "down" market. In the beginning, my parents chose another realtor and wasted months of market time. Desperate, we turned to Heeran to get the home sold. Heeran came in like an absolute professional with a stellar listing presentation, great comparables to set an optimum market price, and a great network to ensure that every agent in town would know immediately that the house was on the market. There are two aspects of Heeran's real estate abilities that truly set her apart: (1) her ability to create dynamic and responsive and aggressive marketing plans and (2) her ability to construct and close the deal. I was most impressed by Heeran's abilities to create a personalized, far reaching, and dynamic marketing campaign. From direct mail to personalized email to calls with other agents, Heeran immediately put her entire network to work to sell the house. When we finally had multiple offers, Heeran's other skill sets were used, the ability to construct and close the best deal. Marketing and presence are what a lot of agents have, but it is the ability to create and close the best deal is what truly matters. The result? A house that sold quickly in a supposedly "down" market at a great price! Heeran is the best real estate agent in Omaha! Thank you Heeran! "
      - Deb and Chad Storlie, Omaha Nebraska
      "I wish I met Heeran a year earlier before renting my house out. I hired another agent and wasted 5 months of market time and then decided to rent it out. The home was in perfect condition at that time because I made major improvements. We hired one of Omaha's largest property management company and they prequalified a tenant and did a background check. On paper, they looked like the perfect tenants and I was happy to have my mortgage covered. When the tenants moved out of the home, the damages were huge. The $1000 security deposit did nothing to cover the damages. Broken windows, broken faucets, dirty floors, big chunks of wood missing in hardwood floors, broken exterior water faucet, & hole in back door. Basement was mildewy because they started steam cleaning and didn't suck up all of the water. The house was really wonderful before we rented it out. We were in search for another Realtor to help us sell the home. My wife typed in the internet "aggressive realtor" and Heeran's name popped up. She had great information on her website and many testimonials from many sellers. Our first realtor never contacted us and ignored us. Heeran and her team treated me like I was a million dollar seller even though we were selling a smaller house. From the marketing, ability to put together a contract, communication about the listing, knowledge about the market, it has been a great experience. I wish I met Heeran a long time ago. Thank you."
      - Charles & Kerilyn Lainson, Omaha Nebraska
      "Jim and I wanted to thank you for being such a help in getting our house. We know how much trouble we were and how unusual some of our requests were. You never once hesitated to get us what we asked for and with a smile to boot. You went above and beyond many times and it did not go unnoticed. If we ever decide to leave this home and move on to bigger and better things you will definitely be the first person we will call to find our next home. We would be more than happy to recommend you to any of our friends or family. Again, thank you for all the hard work you did, all the phone calls back and forth to Dr. Raj (the seller), and the extra attention you gave Jim in his search for his first home purchase. We hope you can come visit sometime soon. We would love to have you over."
      -Jim Miller and Darla Stamm, Omaha Nebraska
      "When my husband and I started working with Heeran and her team of Realtors, we thought we were in an unworkable situation. When we first met her, she allowed us to explain our situation and patiently listened to our concerns. She lent a hand to estimate the price of our Bellevue NE home so that we would have a fair deal. Amazingly, we sold our house in 6 days! I think that must be a record. Heeran and her team have been very efficient and have the entire home buying and selling process down to a science. Communication was always prompt and her entire team was easy to talk to, good at listening to their clients, easily available, and at all times quick at returning our calls or to respond to our inqueries. She focuses on making the experience as pleasant as possible and even provided a nice memento from the selling of our previous home. As a professional Realtor, Heeran came across someone who knows the ins and outs of the trade and as a human being she is very courteous. Above all, Heeran and her team are specialized Real Estate Agents who make it a point to help you meet your goals rather just fulfilling a business need. If you want a professional team with the experience to make your buying or selling journey smooth, give Heeran a call. We highly recommend her!"
      -Gisela Lacy, Bellevue Nebraska
      "After our home was on the market 7 months with the same realtor, we were fortunate to receive a recommendation from a good friend to contact Heeran Workman. I assumed our house didn't sell because of the slow economy and we were out of season for house sales. When I checked Heeran's website, I saw that she had sold 136 homes last year, with 10 sales in December (out of season). My husband and I agreed to contact her for a consultation. After listening to her marketing plan and strategy, we were convinced that when our contract expired with our current realtor we would contact Heeran. Sitting down with her at our kitchen table, I knew she would have our home sold in 2 weeks. It was 13 days later when she called with a great contract. Heeran knows how to create excitement and interest through her hard work and wonderful team support. Most realtors I've spoken with do not recommend the Open House approach. Heeran hosted an Open House for us and over 40 people attended due to her excellent marketing strategy. I highly recommend Heeran Workman. She is the best! "
      - Mary E. Harper, La Vista Nebraska
      "Hello, I just wanted to take a quick moment to highly recommend the services of Heeran Workman. Heeran helped me with the sale of my home in Elkhorn, NE in 2013. Heeran has a very comprehensive and aggressive marketing plan that gets the job done. My house sold in less than one week and I received more than my list price. Heeran has a great staff as well. They were all very helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend Heeran to anyone looking to sell their home."
      - Jamey Byom, Elkhorn Nebraska
      "Our family moved out of state and we had to sell our house in Nebraska. We thought this wouldn't be a problem since the house was located in a friendly, well established, historic neighborhood. Our house needed some updating but we still felt it would sell quickly. Over a year later with very few showings by our then-realtor, we took our house off of the market. We were then referred to Loretta McNally by an acquaintance who said that we wouldn't find a realtor who worked harder, and was more knowledgeable about the current market strategy needed to sell our house. We contacted Loretta and after talking with her about our situation, we put our house back on the market. She seemed excited about the challenge! She kept in contact with us about everything that went on and the house sold quickly. Loretta is a true professional in the real estate field and is a down-to-earth, upbeat, no-excuses person. Loretta did everything she could to avoid delays and get our house closed without us having to make a single trip back to Nebraska. Thanks Loretta, you were a true pleasure to work with."
      -Scott and Mandi Hamilton, Omaha Nebraska
      "Loretta McNally recently sold my 81 year old mother's home in Omaha. My mother's health has been declining for several years now, and the decision was made to sell the property. I found Loretta to be a very knowledgeable about current real estate matters and a very personal agent. She continued to work to find a buyer in a depressed housing market. Loretta went above and beyond by bringing documents that needed to be signed to my mother, rather than having us transport her to Loretta's office. When it came time to close with the buyers, Loretta even brought the closing paperwork to Mom. Loretta is an exceptional person with a great deal of integrity, humor, and compassion for others. I would strongly recommend her expertise and service to anyone who asked me. I want to personally thank Loretta for everything she has done for my Mother!"
      -Robert Miller, Omaha Nebraska
      "We did not use a realtor the first time we purchased a new construction townhome 7 years ago.  This time around, we weren’t sure if we were going to buy a pre-existing home or new construction so we decided to use a realtor.  We are very glad we used Heeran's Home Team because we purchased a new construction and ended up with the house and price we were looking for.  Heeran did a great job of negotiating with the developer to our favor.  We had no idea you could use a realtor when purchasing new construction but based on how this experience went, we wish we would have used one the first time years ago.  Heeran was able to get some additional amenities added to our purchase and negotiate a lower price.  She answered our questions and helped us think through the offer to get what we wanted.  I would strongly recommend Heeran for anyone building new construction or buying a pre-existing home. Working with one of Omaha's top realtor was assuring to us. Thank you!"
      - Kaete & Matt McBride, Millard Nebraska
      "I recently had the opportunity to work with Loretta McNally regarding the sale of a house. She is most informative, answers all questions, offers advice and is very knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend Loretta to anyone looking for a hardworking, pleasant representative in the real estate business."
      -Louise Marvin, Omaha Nebraska
      "We met Heeran in the Summer of 2009 when we were trying to sell our house by ourselves with no luck.  We were very impressed from the beginning with Heeran's professionalism, passion for her work, and her marketing strategy.  She was able to find a buyer for our property within 2 weeks of her listing it!!  She was there through the whole process and even made trips to my work to get documents signed.  Just 8 months later my job, relocated us from the area and of course, we turned to Heeran again.  With many houses on the market in the same price range, size, and area; Heeran was able to market our home successfully which turned into over 20 showings.  After 6 weeks we had 3 offers to choose from!  If we ever come back to the Omaha area we will without a doubt look to Heeran for our next home!  Thank you Heeran for all of your hard work and dedication!"
      - Matt and Cecilia Holt, Bennington Nebraska
      "Selling is a difficult process when you’ve already made the mental jump to moving forward to a new place.  It’s so much easier for everyone when you know you have someone actively working the sales process so you don’t feel anchored to what you’re trying to move on from.  Heeran was able to make a previously unproductive 6-month selling experience turn within two weeks once we signed with her.  I was caught in a position where relocation and being away from family was part of the overall must-sell equation.  She made it work with minimal stress due to geographic distances; we could finally look forward to our new life in a new home.  And, her response times were great for phone, email, and any general inquiry.  It was very reassuring to know that a fulltime real estate professional was at work for us.  Thank you."
      - Ken and Susie Kirchner, Sarpy County
      "I would like to thank you for your dedication to me during the long process to sell my house. You never gave up, even when I felt like throwing in the towel. Your positive attitude was such a help to me when things didn't go our way. I believe other agents would have abandoned me. You stuck with me, and your determination paid off. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me, and I owe it all to you. I will highly recommend you to friends and family seeking your services. Best of luck to you always."
      -Lisa Hushaw, Omaha Nebraska
      "When we decided to sell our home, we were sure that we could sell it on our own, but we were unsure of what to do if we found a buyer. We talked to Heeran and she agreed to facilitate the sale for us for 1% if we found our own buyer. We also agreed to let her list our home and see who could bring in the buyer first. We posted our home for sale by owner on every internet website available and we only received one phone call to see our home. We had more than 30 showings through Heeran and we received a contract on our home!"
      - Sean and Chris Novo, Omaha Nebraska
      "My husband and I would recommend Heeran as a Realtor to anyone and everyone.  We recently moved to Omaha from Lincoln, and it was such a smooth transition.  Heeran went over and above her duties as a realtor and never made us feel like she was going out of her way or that we were inconveniencing her.  She answered all our questions, even the insignificant, promptly and politely.  She also had a way of dealing with the Seller's realtor that was amazing.  We acquired the house we wanted, with all the amenities we dreamed of, for the price we wanted!!!!   Thanks Again, Heeran!"
      - Blake and Alison Renner, Bennington Nebraska
      "We were fortunate to have met Loretta McNally. In October 2010 we put an offer on a house that was a "short sale". The short sale was plagued with one issue after another. Loretta dealt with every issue in a timely manner. She always kept us informed and updated with every situation that arose. Loretta was always available to answer our questions and very proactive, usually providing the information before we asked. It was Loretta's expertise in short sales that brought our offer to closing in April 2011. She always made us feel as ease and that she was protecting our interests during the sale process. Her professionalism, dedication, and honesty should be commended. We highly recommend Loretta McNally to be your real estate agent."
      -Donna and Tom Johnson, Omaha Nebraska
      "My husband got a job relocation to Colorado in January of this year. In February when our contract expired with our 1st real estate agent.  I was left to pick another agent by myself since my husband wasn't around.  The day after the contract expired I got a call from Heeran asking if she could meet with me.  I have to admit I wasn't very enthusiastic about talking to any other agents I was so disappointed in the service I had been receiving.  I ended up signing with Heeran that very same day.  She was such a breath of fresh air!  I was unsure what questions to ask her since that was typically my husbands area.  However Heeran provided me with enough information about everything, I couldn't even think of any questions to ask.  She was happy to discuss things and answer questions over the phone with my husband.  Heeran made me feel comfortable and confident that our home was in good hands.  I was impressed with her real estate and marketing knowledge.  And her great marketing ideas!  Heeran does things for her clients best interest.  I really felt like I had someone on my side in this whole process. She always had the time to calm my frayed nerves about showings, dealing with getting offers, and my worries in general.   Our house had a contract on it within 21 days of being listed by Heeran.  I am still in disbelief!  Choosing Heeran as our agent was the best decision we made.  She made selling our home easy, especially with my husband living in another state.  If you choose Heeran as your real estate agent, you will not be disappointed."
      - Chuck and Becky Neville, Bellevue Nebraska
      "The day that Heeran offered to help me sell my home and I accepted was one of the luckiest days of my life.  I was trying to sell my small acerage in the middle of the winter with little or no knowlege of what
      needed to be done.   Within six weeks of listing my home, we had at least 16 showings in that short period of time, she found a buyer on a rent to own basis (which was my preference).  The new tenants moved in the same day that the contract was signed!  I couldn't be happier!!"
      - Patricia C. Miller, Gretna Nebraska
      "I was trying to sell my house and my personal life was spinning out of control, as well as the loss of my Dad, it put me in state of shock. Because of the economy and hours being cut at work, I was unable to make my monthly mortgage payments. I had no direction and was totally lost until I met Loretta McNally. She has become my friend; she is very personable and professional in every way, and very knowledgeable in the short sale industry. She answered all my questions and I didn't have to worry about anything. She is dedicated and she always kept me informed of the status. I really dont know what I would have done without her. If you want an honest and hardworking short sale expert, I recommend Loretta McNally as she will definitely get the job done."
      -Cindy S., Omaha Nebraska
      "We were in the process of starting to buy our first house, so we had no idea what we needed to do or where to start.  Heeran was wonderful to work with and explained all the steps in the process to us.  She was very flexible and available when we needed help and had questions.  We knew she would show us as many houses as it took until we found the right one.  We ran into several roadblocks along the way once we found our house, yet she was persistent and helped suggest options that still allowed us to purchase the house we liked.  We would recommend her services to anyone."
      -Keith and Heather Bird, Omaha Nebraska
      "Mr. Bennett and I wanted to write you a letter to express our gratitude toward you. For all the time and effort you put into assisting us in the sale of our home and finding our new home, for that we want to say thank you. Not only did you do an excellent job in assisting us with our housing needs, you also became what we would consider a dear friend. You truly went above and beyond your duties to ensure our needs were met. You were so patient and caring with us we truly cannot thank you enough. In today's economic times we realize the housing market has been tough, but the care and concern you provided us shows that you really care about the service you give to your customers. We are truly appreciative knowing that you are a person who is dedicated to being a real estate agent. If we know anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home we will definitely be more than happy to give your name as a personal referral."
      -Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bennett, Omaha Nebraska
      "We first heard about Heeran through a postcard that she sent in the mail. We were moving out of state and needed our house sold.  We knew she was the agent to call.  From our first meeting with her she has been very professional and helpful.  Heeran sold our house within a month. Two years had passed and things changed and we ended up not moving out of state.  We knew exactly who to call when we wanted to buy again.  I made the call about two months ago and now we are in our dream home. Heeran walked us through the whole buying process.  She answered all our questions and was very helpful.  I would recommend Heeran to anybody who is looking to buy or sell a house.  She is very personable and professional. Thanks again for everything.  If you need anything else let me know."
      -Jenny Cary, Bennington, Nebraska
      "We were in a position where we wanted to sell our house quickly.  We chose Heeran because we knew she was an aggressive agent with proven results, and because we liked the 1% FSBO option.  We ended up finding  a buyer ourselves, and Heeran did a wonderful job facilitating everything for us.   Her real estate knowledge was invaluable for helping us understand the options and making tough decisions throughout the process.  She was always available when we needed her, and always responded quickly.   She was a pleasure to work with, and we would definitely use her again! Thank You!"
      -JD and Angie Larsen, Omaha Nebraska
      "When I decided I was moving I knew right away that I wanted to have Loretta McNally help me sell my home. We have been acquainted for 4 or 5 years now and I've always been so impressed with the way she sees things through from start to finish. As I expected, Loretta was great right from the start, everything from pointers on how to stage my house to helping me find the right handyman to do what needed to be done prior to the sale."
      -Ann E., Omaha Nebraska
      "I am happy to recommended Heeran Workman to anyone looking for a realtor. I can say with confidence that she is the best. Heeran was a tremendous blessing to me and my family. She was on top of things from day one when I first decided to give her a call to inquire about selling my home. She was prompt, efficient and always handled business in a polite and professional manner. Heeran is very friendly and easy to work with. She encouraged me throughout every step of the home selling progress. I could not have found a better agent to represent my home."
      - Tylinn Lewis, Happy Home Seller, Offutt Airforce Base
      "My husband and I were moving out of town and we needed a realtor who was patient and would care about finding us the right home. A family member referred us to Heeran Workman. Heeran called the broker out of town and found the perfect realtor to help us find our home. She screened the agents to assure us we would have someone who understood our needs. We were so thankful to have someone guide us with this process as it was our first time buying a home together. We purchased our dream home at a very affordable price."
      -Dr. Michelle and Dana Merrihew , La VistaNebraska
      "Thank you so much for your help in our recent house purchase. We count ourselves fortunate that your property sales dealings range from tiny starter homes to the large, more luxurious dwellings, because this little "fixer upper" is exactly what we were seeking. It was a pleasure to have worked with you on this first ve3nture for us into the purchase of rental property. It was evident in our first contact with you that you have extensive experience in the realty business and are the ultimate professional. Relying on your guidance, we were able to come to agreeable terms with the seller, secure the loan, and close the deal in less than 3 weeks – uncommonly fast, we're told, in this business. And a bonus – it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience for us. Transformation of our fixer-upper is coming along nicely. Hopefully in a few months, you'll able to spare a bit of time from your busy schedule to pay us a visit and check out the progress. Again, we appreciate your help and enjoyed working with you, and we'll be in touch."
      -Terry and Gloria Kirberger, Omaha Nebraska
      "As a first time homebuyer and service member, my spouse and I were nervous. Buying a home is one of the biggest obstacles in life. We knew for sure that people would take advantage of our naivete'. However after a crash course of buying a home and a few discouraging experiences with other real estate agents, Heeran was a breath of fresh air. She is a true professional with no hidden agendas. She was knowledgeable and helpful and most of all, she takes care of business. We definitely are grateful to have met her and plan to support her all that we can. If you need an agent who gets the job done and caters to your interests, go with Heeran"
      -Marissa and Dontae Belcher (Offutt Air Force Base Transferees)
      "Hi, Heeran. Thank you for helping me find an investment property in North-West part of Omaha. We just started working inside and all my crew is excited, and looking forward to turning this project into a nice place. You are very professional and easy to work with. I will look forward to doing more business with you again. Thanks."
      - Roman Shcherbiy with Advanced Finishes Inc., Real Estate Investor, Elkhorn Nebraska
      "We met Heeran in 2011 when we were looking for an acreage. She was the agent for a lady that was selling a farm house on 3 acres. Even though she was not our agent, she made sure that we were treated right and helped us with any questions we had. We had never rented to own before so naturally we had alot of questions and she answered them all so that we felt comfortable with that type of contract. We now have our acreage and love it. Thank you Heeran"
      - Scott and Cheryl Samson, Omaha Nebraska
      "My husband and I were getting a divorce and needed to sell our home. We had a problem, we didn't have much equity in the home and the house needed repairs. On top of everything, we were a few months behind on payments and I was stressed out and scared. We were facing foreclosure. From the recommendation of a friend, I called Heeran and she came out to the house and told me that she had extensive experience at negotiating with banks to accept less than what was owed on the house. Heeran's plan was to sell the house on a shortsale. It sounded too good to be true but Heeran seemed genuine so I put my trust into her. She sold the house, negotiated with the bank to pay all closing costs, commissions, everything! I couldn't believe I got to walk away and avoid foreclosure on my credit! I would really recommend Heeran because she knows what she was doing. She had an aggressive home marketing plan and negotiated a contract that got the job done. Hiring the best listing agent in Omaha was the best thing I did!"
      - Anonymous
      "I would just like to say that Loretta McNally is an amazing person. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her! A little about my story, I bought my first house in 2007 and early 2011 I realized that I could no longer afford it. There were some changes in my financial situation that did not allow me to save my home. The bank told me that I had one of two choices: I could either let the home go into foreclosure or I could attempt a short sale. This was a house I purchased as a single mom working full time and going to school, I did not want to foreclose. Maybe it was pride, but this was not an option. I decided to put the house on the market, and went through a couple different realtors before I found Loretta. She knew from the beginning that this was short sale, and she would not be making any money off the sale. That did not stop her from putting for everything she had to try and help me. I told her my story, and she said we will do everything we can to make it work. Almost two weeks before the home was going into foreclosure; we received two offers on the same day. Loretta called and walked me through everything. There was never a point when she this is what we are going to do. The choice was always mine to make and it did not matter if it was 9 o'clock at night, if I had a question she was there to answer it for me. When I made my decision, she submitted it to the bank. At this point, I was so nervous because I knew time was running out. I would call Loretta on many occasions teller her how scared I was. She did everything she could to let me know it was going to be ok! When we finally got approval, I felt so relieved. I met up with Loretta and it did not feel like she was just my realtor. Loretta cared about what I was going through, and she was willing to listen! There is not enough thank you's in the world to tell Loretta how much I appreciate what she did for me. I cannot even express how grateful I am for her, and it was a miracle I found her when I did!"
      -Heather Wilson, Omaha Nebraska
      "I first used Heeran's Home Team a few years ago when I bought my home Omaha. I was happy with the services I received so I hired Heeran again when it came time to sell my home. I was a bit nervous because I didn't have much equity to sell my home and Heeran was honest with me that I might have to come out of pocket to sell. She assured me that she would market the house aggressively to get the best price. It only took a month to sell my home and the kicker is that she actually sold it for more than what I had bought it for. Given the recession, this worked out absolutely great for me. Now I can move out of state without having to worry about what to do about my house. I recommended her to a friend of mine who also needed to sell his home and she sold his house in only 5 days! And of course I looked like a hero recommending her since she really took care of my friend. Thanks again!"
      - Min Yi, Omaha Nebraska
      "My husband and I knew we needed to sell our home since we are relocating for a job. This was our first home and we were trying to make a decision which real estate company in Omaha to use. One day in the mail we got a post card stating that "I sold your neighbor's home in 7 days they are now celebrating." Within the same week we received another post card stating "I sold your neighbors home in 45 days. They are now celebrating". With the market the way it is, we were really impressed. We called Heeran the next day. We had a meeting with her and another professional and she by far blew the other agent out of the water. She was prepared and had all her paperwork with her the first meeting. We put our house on the market the next day. We immediately had showings. Our house sold a month to the day we put it on the market. Heeran was always available for any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to sell their home. She is very professional and helpful. Thank you Heeran for everything!!!!"
      - Jenny and Jason Cary, Bennington Nebraska
      "If you need a reference for dual agency, then let us know. Strong Work!"
      10/10 Overall home selling experience with Heeran's Home Team
      10/10 Satisfaction with the marketing stragety for the home
      10/10 I would recommend Heeran's Home Team to friends and family
      10/10 Communication regarding showing feedback.
      10/10 Heeran's Home Team provided answers to my questions.
      - Travis and Amber Rinehart (Sale of Home)
      "We bought a house that was a short sale, which can be a long and cumbersome process. Heeran explained every step of the process to us so we always knew what was going on. She was tenacious in dealing with the bank's negotiators and consequently got was a great deal on a house we love"
      - Travis and Amber Rinehart (Purchase of Home) Millard Nebraska
      "We would highly recommend Heeran as your realstate agent based on the outstanding work she did for us. We had listed our house for approximately six months with another agent, from one of Omaha's larger firms and were greatly disappointed with their efforts. We sort of had the feeling that the agent basically got it listed and then waited for things to happen. On the other hand, Heeran made it her personal mission to sell our home at a price that was fair to us and the buyers. From day one, she developed and followed a creative marketing plan that accomplished the sale of the home. More importantly, she got it done during the market slump! In the short period of time she had our home listed, we had seen more interest and had more people come through, than we had during the previous six months. She was a stickler for detail and kept us informed of her work every step of the way. Probably the best words we would have to describe her services would be: accurate, confident and honest. Thank you Heeran for your great work."
      - Tim and Barb Koehn, Millard Nebraska
      "We strongly recommend Heeran as an agent to anyone who wants to buy or sell houses.
      It was the first time that my husband and I we’re looking for a house.
      Her knowledge and coordination helped us tremendously with this process.
      Her responses were quick and precise with any questions that we had with the house negotiations. Heeran kept being a stellar agent even after we made the purchase of our house, she  followed up with any outstanding questions and concerns that we had.
      We felt very comfortable throughout the buying process with her as our agent.
      We will definitely ask her to be a seller's agent next time when we sell our house someday."
      - Cody and Midori Murphy, Bellevue Nebraska
      "Heeran-  Thank you for keeping me informed at all times and thank you for being the liaison between me and all the other parties involved.  I obviously have very little experience with realtors, but from my estimation, you have to be one of, if not THE BEST realtor in Nebraska.  I really appreciated all you have done and will be using you again in the future as well as recommending you to EVERYONE I know."
      -Shaun Robison, Bennington Nebraska
      "The sale of my home almost went bust due to some complex problems, but thanks to Heeran's Home Team's creative approach, we successfully closed. I also got top price for my home and we got a contract within 2 weeks of putting it on the market. I didn't know how a person could be so aggressive with her work yet so friendly and easy to work with. Heeran's networking skills with other agents are amazing. I knew exactly what the agent and buyer community thought about my home. I used to think that all agents were the same and that the only way to tell them apart was the commission they charged. After hearing horror stories from other friends with their agents, I feel so lucky that I worked with Heeran."
      - Mr. Lee, District 66
      "I give Heeran's Home Team 10/10 for finding me the perfect home! They asked all the right questions and did a thorough search so they didn’t waste my time. They pre-selected great houses, saving me a bundle of time. They negotiated a great price for me and I was able to move in three weeks later."
      - Michael, Omaha Nebraska
      "I can’t believe buying my first home was so easy! Heeran's Home Team were great. They kept me well informed throughout the whole process and told me what to expect with each step. I can’t believe this service was free!" I have had some friends complain about their realtors but I am so happy that I used Heeran's Home Team because they had my best interest at heart the whole way through. I am recommending Heeran's Home Team to all of my friends and family."
      - Min, Omaha Nebraska
      "I was behind on payments and facing foreclosure. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I called Heeran Workman and she stopped by and went through how the foreclosure process worked and gave us all options that were available to us. She listed the house for us and got it sold right away. I didn't have the money we needed to close on the home so she negotiated with our bank to pay the realtor commission and the closing costs. I literally saved myself thousands of dollars. I got to walk away from the house without having a foreclosure on our credit as well. Prior to the sale, I was so stressed out that I couldn't even sleep throughout the night and I was having health problems. Heeran took a really stressful life situation and gave us the answers we've been praying for."
      - Anonymous
      "Being first time homebuyers, we required extra attention and time with our purchase. Heeran's Home Team was ready and willing to answer questions at any time. They worked around our schedule and were with us literally every step of the way. We were completely comfortable at the closing because we knew we were in good hands. Heeran's Home Team is trustworthy and focused. We wouldn't buy or sell a house without them."
      Katie & Collins Love, Ralston Nebraska
      "After first meeting with Deborah, we told her what we were looking for. She immediately put together a list of homes that fit our criteria. After we went through the list, we selected the ones we wanted to look at. Heeran took us around to see the houses and while she was doing so, she was very informative about what to look for in a house. After we found a house that we liked, she did everything possible to make sure we were getting the best possible deal. At no time did she ever make it stressful or uncomfortable for us. Everything they did, they did to make our part easier. There is nothing that I can think of that would have made the process better or easier. Thank you."
      - Tauni & Dustin, Bellevue Nebraska
      "I've been hearing so much in the news and everywhere else that it's a buyer's market. I needed to sell my home in Dist. 66 and frankly, I was a bit concerned about what I could sell it for because everyone kept saying that it's a buyer's market. I decided to hire Heeran's Home Team and they were terrific. They showed me all of the different ways that they were going to market my house and this made me feel really comfortable. They did a huge marketing blitz on my house and it attracted alot of attention. When it was taking all of my friends months to get a contract, I got one in 2 1/2 weeks. Plus, the offer was much higher than I ever thought possible. Heeran kept me comfortable and well informed throughout the entire process. They also structured the purchase agreement so that I was protected whether or not the buyer's financing fell through. I'm really glad I didn't go with a discount agent because I know that the marketing plan that Heeran's Home Team used directly resulted in my fast sale and high sales price."
      Kum Sun, District 66
      "With the aggressive marketing strategies, Heeran's Home Team impressively helped sell our home in 90 days.  To some, 90 days may seem like a long time, but 90 days in the midst of a downward spiral in the real estate/housing market is a blessing.  Thanks for contributing positively to our future! "
      Kelli Hansen , Omaha Nebraska
      "As a first time home buyer, Heeran gave me good advice and guidance. Throughout the process, I felt at ease and she addressed all of my concerns. Heeran helped me find a great house that I would not have found on my own "
      David Kestner, Omaha Nebraska
      "Thanks for a fast and smooth transaction. Heeran is so easy to work with. I had it on the market before with no success and the listing expired. After hiring Heeran, the fast sale worked great for me. I would tell all my friends to use Heeran. Thanks"
      Kenneth & Mary Clark, Omaha Nebraska
      "We had a very positive experience with Heeran in purchasing our Rent to own home . It was somewhat a difficult time b/c my fiance was 12 hours away and I was relocating from 2 hours away so Heeran had to try to communicate with us in 2 different locations via phone and email. She did a wonderful job. I would recommend the process to anyone !! "
      -Tina Spreng, Omaha Nebraska
      "With my experience that I had with Heeran Workman, I was new to the area and didn't have any knowledge of the housing market. I had just returned from living abroad, and Heeran aided in getting me into a quality home for a competitive price. I found her name in the newspaper and we started looking at houses in January. It was cold, windy, and there was a considerably measurable depth of snow on the ground. However, this woman is hardcore, she picked me up from my apartment in her SUV, offroaded through unplowed roads, and still was able to show me on average four homes a day. The average person looks at approximately 10 homes before they come to the conclusion of one they want. We looked at 30... She had the tenacity to stay with me after one deal on a home fell through. It was a foreclosed home and the pipes froze, causing damages that I was not prepared to repair. Heeran helped minimize the damage of throwing money away to unnecessary costs. She found homes within the area that I was looking, to include location, cost, and size. She answered every one of my questions to their entirety, to include getting me an $8,000.00 tax credit that I was unaware of. I am in a house that I never thought I could afford on my own. Heeran made it possible. She truely was a key element in improving the quality of my life, going  from an efficency appartment, to a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom free standing home. Heeran ensured I was taken care of and the home fit what I was looking for. That is what made all the difference. That is why I would highly recommend Heeran Workman for all of your future home buying or selling needs."
      -Justin Lohan (Offutt Air Force Base Transferee)
      "After interviewing several realtors to sell our house (after the first agent we had it listed with was unable to sell it) it was obvious that other agents only wanted to ‘list’ not ‘sell’ our home.  When we met Heeran, we knew we had a ‘salesperson’!  Not only did she have and use innovative marketing ideas, she was always there to answer any and all questions we had.  If you need to sell, Heeran is the realtor you need to call."
      -Lee & Deb Brandt, Elkhorn
      "I was worried that in the current market my home would have taken 6-9 months to sell, but Heeran’s track record, her marketing ideas and her aggressiveness had me believing that it would take far less than I feared. Those were the reasons I hired her and did not bother interviewing another agent – her track record, aggressiveness, and her enthusiasm for the business. I was sold on Heeran in the first 10 minutes. We came up with an aggressive plan, Heeran explained everything in great detail and made sure I understood after the explanation, and we implemented it. A unexpected offer was made in two days. Heeran went to great length to make sure I understood the process of offer and counter-offer – we went with her idea of a counter-offer and the buyer accepted it within hours. Once that offer was made, Heeran walked me through the entire process, explaining everything (sometimes twice) and made sure I knew what was going on, from every inspection to every form that required signing. She ensured that the sale and closing went as smooth as silk. I never once had an unanswered question, and every question I had was answered, and I never had a doubt that if I needed something, I could call or email and Heeran would take care of it (or explain to me what I needed to do to get it taken care of). She made sure that I was protected and advised me against letting the buyer begin painting before the loan was out of underwriting, saving me a ton of grief should something have gone wrong on the buyer’s end. My only regret is that I cannot take her to Texas with me to help me find a new home there."
      -David Graves, Omaha Nebraska
      "We cannot say 'Thank you' enough to Heeran for all her work at, one, selling our house and, two, helping us keep our sanity during the process from listing, to showing, to negotiating, and to closing.  Her calm, but determined demeanor, plus her integrity really gave us peace-of-mind.  We tried the 'For Sale by Owner' route first for our house.  That was met with no success... and was filled with stress.  Once we met Heeran and she took over the reigns in selling our house we never looked back and we are very happy with the results!"
      -Matt and Laurie Neary, Omaha Nebraska
      "The 2011 housing market was very difficult for selling a house. My wife and I got very good and honest information about the value of our house and anticipated sale price. Heeran's home selling marketing plan, I believe is second to none. Very well planned-very well explained and very effective! Heeran kept us well informed and there were no surprises. Heeran is the best organized and smartest working agent I have every worked with. We highly recommend her to anyone to assist in selling their home!"
      -Barry and Jody Long, Omaha Nebraska
      "I am writing to express our complete satisfaction with Heeran Workman as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Heeran was professional, conscientious, and motivated. We always felt as though we were her only clients!  Heeran is very well organized and has a marketing plan that other agents must envy.  As a person, Heeran was a pleasure to work with! Easy to talk to, a good listener, easy to contact, always prompt at returning our calls or answering our questions. Best of all Heeran is a realtor that makes it her job to help you meet your goals rather than her own. We would recommend her and will certainly come back to her for any future real estate transactions!"
      -Cal and Theresa Jacobs, Elkhorn Nebraska
      "I worked with Heeran on my home that I was selling in Gretna.  She has a great marketing system and goes above and beyond to get your house sold. I have worked with many other agents in the past and she is by far the most professional and she listens to what you have to say. This is why Heeran is one of the top agents in the Metro area. I would not hesitate to call her again for any future real estate needs!"
      -Jim Albers, Gretna Nebraska
      "We recently purchased a home with Heeran's help, and could not have been more pleased with the whole process.  From start to finish, Heeran worked with the utmost professionalism, and her work ethic is second to none.  She dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, not to mention had a great amount of patience with us, which is a true testament to her experience in realestate.  Heeran knows all the in's and out's of buying and selling and isn't afraid to go that extra mile for her clients.  And she is absolutely not afraid to stand up for her clients.  We would highly recommend her service's to anyone looking to buy or sell."
      -Jason and Amber Cecil, District 66
      "Heeran did a great job of helping us to sell our home in a very short amount of time, we were on a short schedule and she was able to help market and sell our home in just about a month.  Our $300,000 home was sold just slightly under what we were asking and she was able to help negotiate a fair deal for us, the sellers.  Thank you Heeran!"
      -Dr. Tina and Jeremy Schechinger, Papillion Nebraska
      "My husband and I bought a house on 163rd Street in Stone Creek in May with the help of Heeran Workman. We had worked with a few realtors over the past few years in both IA and CA. Heeran is a step above all the others when it comes to customer service and professionalism. She is truely at the top of her game and is excellent at what she does! When selling or purchasing a home with Heeran on your side, it is a guarantee that she will get you the best possible deal! My word for her is "Shark" when it comes to her side of selling and buying a home! Heeran is a very budget minded person when it comes to buying a home, she is not interested in selling you a home at the high end of your budget! She takes the time to show you all homes within your price range and points out the differences when it comes to the difference in price. Heeran is patient, she showed us 25+ homes and did not pressure us to choose at anytime! Heeran is also realistic when it comes to settling on a home and makes some good points during the decision process to aid you in this big purchase. If you choose, Heeran my advice to you is listen and trust her when it comes to her end of the deal, she will have your back so let her do what she does best!"
      -Mark and Melissa Wittland, Bennington Nebraska
      "You will not find a more knowledgeable realtor who is truly in touch with the market and the profession.  From our first meeting, I knew right away, there was no need to talk or meet with other realtors. Heeran was super patient.  The marketing skills of Heeran are beyond what any realtor I’ve dealt with has ever done.  Right away she was getting people to look at the house.  Although there weren’t any nibbles, people were walking through and checking out our house because she works hard in the realtor circles to get other realtors to show her listings.  My wife and I were in the process of relocating to the east coast when we put our house on the market.  So the preparation of moving was drawn out while our house was on the market.  During that time, Heeran and her staff would come through about once a week to check on the house.  This meant ensuring lights were turned off and checking for problems.  If minor things presented themselves, they would take care of them.  Major issues were always followed up with a phone call.  She also performed taxi duties once picking me up at the airport and bringing me back to the house so I could finish up some packing and move another vehicle to the east coast. I am absolutely sure if you contract with Heeran, you will be very overly pleased with the services her and her team will provide."
      -Johnathan and Alison Gifford, Gretna Nebraska
      "We are writing to offer our heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for the excellent work and work ethic of Heeran Workman.  She is responsible for the widespread exposure of my mother’s property that sold within weeks of listing with Heeran’s Home Team.  Prior to listing with Heeran, the home was listed with another realtor for ninety days without one offer.  From the first meeting with Heeran, we felt like our listing was of the utmost importance to her and she was energetic and enthusiastic in her         efforts to publicize our property and she did all within her means to attract available buyers.  We couldn’t be more pleased with her!  From the first day until the property sold was thirty-eight days!  She stayed in nearly daily contact with us via emails or phone calls and made us feel a part of everything she did.  She is the best at what she does and gets results!  We say thank you to Heeran and certainly want to recommend her to anyone wanting any real estate attention.  She will give you her full attention, as well as vigorously and tirelessly work to make every effort to meet every one of your needs.  Heeran Workman is the finest example of dedication and productivity and we’re amazed by her work ethic and results.  It is from the bottom of our hearts that we say thank you. "
      -Kent and Sharon Thorpe, Millard Nebraska
      "Heeran's Home Team did an amazing job helping us sell our home. We are an elderly couple and we feel that Heeran did everything with care. She was always there when we needed her and she was so patient with us. At the very last minute before closing, we discovered that there was a title defect that we were unaware of. Most agents would have canceled our contract and ran the other way but Heeran fully explained the situation, had the knowledge to take the appropriate action steps to clear that up, and we finally made it to closing. What a relief. Now we can really celebrate. Thank you Heeran, we will recommend you to anyone who needs to buy or sell real estate."
      -Larry and Carol Siemsen, Omaha Nebraska
      "Dear Heeran,
      Beverly and I would like to thank you for assisting us with the sale of our home. In this economic evironment we find ourselves in today, we depended upon your expertise. You remained professional in spite of the rollercoaster market we found ourselves in. We appreciate how understanding you were of our situation and our feelings. We would recommend your services and expertise to others seeking to sell their homes. Thank you for all you did for us."
      -Lynn and Beverly Folkerts, Bennington Nebraska
      "Many thanks to Heeran for the prompt sale of my Aunt's home (within 10 days) for the full asking price.   Also, thanks for all her help in making my Aunt's move to a Retirement Home a comforting experience."
      -Sally Benne, Omaha Nebraska
      "Heeran, McKenzie and I just wanted to express our thanks for all of the guidance you gave us through the home buying process; we are very happy with our purchase and when it comes time to sell, you’ll definitely see us again. Thanks again, we really appreciate it!"
      -Jedd & McKenzie Lehman, Omaha Nebraska
      "Heeran's Home Team saved my credit from foreclosure. My husband and I interviewed 2 other agents and by far Heeran had so much more knowledge, she had a strategy to sell my home, and she did all of this under the pressure of a foreclosure coming up! Even after we got a contract accepted (only took 3 weeks by the way) when we were getting ready for closing, a couple title problems came up. I didn't realize it but there were other judgements that were placed on the home from years ago that I forgot about. There was no way I thought we were going to close with this new title defect. Heeran rolled up her sleeves and fought the judgements and got them negotiated way down and we were able to close on the house. Not only were we able to close, I actually walked away with thousands instead of having to pay over $30,000 to close due to these judgements. There is no way any other agent could have done what Heeran did. Not all agents are created equal. People should go with the best and Heeran is the best of the best!"
      "Heeran, We couldn't be more surprised and happy that you were able to sell our home in just under two weeks!!!! You are amazing and we can't thank you enough. You really are the best!
      -Mike and Ina Williams, Papillion Nebraska
      "Dear Heeran, on our initial visit with you, we were very impressed how thoroughly you went about setting up the sale of our house. To sell our home in 4 days! Heeran, you will always be a very special person to us. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs a great real estate agent in Omaha!"
      -Robert and Jean Selah, Omaha Nebraska
      "Dear Heeran, Alice and I wish to thank you.  We are impressed with you and your team.  From the moment we met you, you have intentionally worked to sell our home.    Right from the beginning you put us at ease knowing the market, knowing our goals and how to lead us there.  You and your team have made the whole process less stressful. Your team has accomplished in a very short time everything necessary to lead us to a sale.  The team members you have included have made things quicker and easier.  The contractors you have recommended have provided quality work.  Your description and guidance of what we needed to do was clear and understandable.  We highly applaud you and your team and will recommend you to others."
      -Arnold and Alice Teachout, Omaha Nebraska
      "I wanted to take a moment and thank Heeran Workman and her team for the expertise they provided in selling our home. My husband and I purchased the home as a foreclosure in 2007 and spent the last five years renovating it. We knew it would sell quickly, but with Heeran's help, we had a contract on the home in a week and a half. Wow! The process from beginning to end was smooth. After Heeran contacted us, she came over, sat down, and explained the ins and outs of real estate and her company. Her professionalism and dedication to helping us was incomparable to other agencies in the area. The most difficult part in selling our home was that my husband stayed in the home while it sold and I was three hours away at a new job. However, Heeran and her team handled it beautifully and communicated with both of us. She stayed in touch with us as we prepared to put our house on the market and was very quick to set everything in motion when we gave her the green light. The pictures she arranged to help showcase our home turned out beautifully. After receiving the initial contract, Heeran saved us time and potentially hundreds of dollars in helping us meet inspection requirements. As the closing date approached, Heeran and he team did everything they could to keep us and the buyers on track and happy. While the house now belongs to someone else, our wonderful memories of Heeran and her team will last forever. Thank you Heeran, Tee, and everyone on your team."
      -Laura and Matt Leibman, Bellevue Nebraska
      "Amy and I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping us sell and find the perfect house.  I know at times it was stressful and crazy but you both stuck by us and helped make the whole experience a little less nerve wrecking. You and Heather are great agents with an awesome sense of professionalism, all while being down to earth and real.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends."
      -Sterling and Amy Boyles, Elkhorn Nebraska
      "Thank you Heeran for the great job of selling my home. I especially appreciate your help in working for a handicapped client who is confined to a wheel chair. I am unable to go anywhere without hiring a van to transport me in my chair. You kindly arranged for all the paperwork to be brought to me and talked me through everything. You kept me informed of the number of showings and feedback. I will recommend you to anyone who is wondering if your followup matches your promises, and it certainly does. Your team is very efficient. Thank you."
      -Eva Reed, Omaha Nebraska
      "Have you ever met a Human Energizer? I have in the person named Heeran Workman. In September, I met Heeran and listed my house with her; knowing that we could not put the house on the market on that date. Heeran place a "Coming Soon" sign in our yard with her phone number. In the coming days we moved to a retirement community. My estate sale was completed and then the house was finally ready for the market. Little did I know that Heeran had been premarketing my house all along. Due to her expertise and using the Premarketing, she received 55 inquires and the house was SOLD in 1 day from when it went active. THANK YOU HEERAN!"
      -Betty Clanton, Omaha Nebraska
      "Thank you, Heeran, for the professional handling of the sale of our house. Our house sold quickly and you did a great job of navigating all the twists and turns that were involved with the negotiation of our contract. Thanks, also, for the integrity you displayed through the whole process! Thanks also to Tee and Jennifer for staying to task on all the details along the way."
      -Peter and Lupita Maniskas, Omaha Nebraska
      "Hello Heeran, I would like to take a few moments to tell you how pleased we are to have chosen you to be our listing agent to sell our home. We were contacted by many top realtors in the Omaha area with many sales pitches. My husband and I knew after speaking with you, that you would be the best person for the job. Your professionalism and understanding of todays market really makes a difference. Your office team also need to be commended as well. We felt totally supported by everyone in helping us to understand our questions and concerns. I love the fact that there was constant contact to keep us updated. Best of all you sold our home in less than a month. Twenty days to be exact. I don't see any reason why a person selling their home would choose any other listing agent after they have had the opportunity to speak with you. Please use us as a reference. It would be our pleasure. Thank you for all of your help."
      -Jeff & Chris L'Ecuyer, Papillion Nebraska
      "Many thanks to you and the Heeran Home Team for all of your work and support in selling my home. As a communication professional I was very pleased with your understanding and use of social media to reach out across the globe to potential buyers. Your team kept me informed throughout the process and the Centralized Showing Service provided great feedback and tracking information. Again, thank you. Your professionalism, organizational skills, and "can do" attitude truly made this process so much easier!"
      -Cathy Williams, Bellevue Nebraska
      "Heeran and her team were all very professional and on top of things. We had our home for sale by owner for three months and nothing happened. Within a week of putting our house on the market with Heeran, we had an offer on our house for full price! We are grateful for the expediency and ease of the whole process. Thanks so much!"
      -Jennie Ellison, Omaha Nebraska
      "We used Heeran's team to sell our house. Heeran was very attentive and provided us with all of the necessary information to get the house listed. We talked to a team member at least every other day so we always knew what was going on. We had numerous showings on the house and got 2 offers within a few weeks. Within 6 weeks the process was complete. Thanks for working so quickly for us!"
      -Ryan and Amanda Dillon, Omaha Nebraska
      "You will sell your house quickly with Hereran as your real estate agent!! Before I met Heeran, my house was on the market for over two month but had very limited showing and absolutely no offer. I became worried and lost my confidence in the real estate agent that I was working with at that time. I did some research online and learned Heeran Workman is among the top real estate agents in Omaha. After ending the contract with the other agent, I immediately turned to Heeran for help selling my house. I was very impressed with Heeran’s marketing approach. She has brought many potential buyers to see my house. On average, there were at least three showings a week. I received helpful feedbacks from many different people which allowed me to set the right price for my house and discovered the obvious problems. Within two weeks, I received the first offer. About four days later, Heeran brought me another offer from a different buyer. The offer was exceptional! Both parties accepted. Who said you cannot sell your home during this slow housing market in less than two weeks? Well, Heeran did it for me. If you want to sell your house fast, I recommend you to hire Heeran Workman as your selling real estate agent."
      -Paul Tran, Omaha Nebraska
      "I had gone online to a site to find the top agents in Omaha to sell my home. As a result of that search I had interviewed four real estate agents trying to find a good fit for me. Heeran was the fourth agent to come to my home. From the minute she stepped out of her vehicle and introduced herself, I knew she was the one to sell my home for me. She was very professional, passionate, and full of energy. She was eager to sit down and plan her marketing strategy with me. I was impressed with her knowledge and expertise in the manner in which she marketed my home.. I felt confident in my choice of choosing Heeran, to sell my home and get me the best price. Her team of people were all excellent in contacting me and making this sale go so smoothly. I had 12 showings the first week and an offer by the 7th day. I feel her prompt attention to every detail, her team of experts and her unique marketing are the reason my home sold quickly. Heeran was always available to me and reassured me when I was overwhelmed. I would highly recommend Heeran to anyone wanting to sell their home. Thank you, Heeran and the entire Home Team for all of your hard work and dedication!!!"
      -Kathi Hassel-Strom, La Vista
      "Working with Jennifer (Heeran's Home Team) was extremely stress free. We were on a time crunch and feeling pretty stressed because of it. Jennifer never once tried to pressure us into a house. She did everything she could to ensure the house we decided on was the one we truly wanted. We are very grateful to have worked with a realtor that was on our side. Thank you Jennifer for making our buying experience a great one despite not so great circumstances. We appreciate it!"
      -Adam Zywiec, Omaha Nebraska
      "Heeran and her real estate team did an outstanding job selling our home. She aggressively marketed our home, and after two days on the market, we sold our house for full asking price. She was extremely professional and her staff helped us through the entire process."
      -Bryan and Claudia Sucha, Millard Nebraska
      "Thank you for all the help with the closing. I really appreciate all the help you provided helping me get to the end and selling the house. Please pass on to Heeran my thanks and appreciation with getting the house sold. And thank you for the gift."
      -Vanessa Brown, Bellevue Nebraska
      "When my home sold in less than a week, I went into panic mode. I was not prepared to have things happen so quickly. I then had to find a new home to move into in a very short time. Now not only was there a race to find a new home, but I was downsizing and entering a new phase of my life. Jennifer Gatzemeyer, placed me at the top of her priority list. She listened to my needs, gave me her expertise, and kept me moving in the right direction. She was forthright, honest, and compassionate. When I was feeling overwhelmed, she was there to keep me on the right track, and was always either a phone call or text message away. I developed a relationship in that short time with Jennifer that was both professional and personal. I cannot express my gratitude for her enthusiasm, expertise, and knowledge. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to buy a new home."
      -Kathi Hassel-Strom, La Vista Nebraska
      "I had to sell my house and I didn't know what to do or how to do it. I can only say Loretta McNally was a God send to me. She explained step by step what was going to happen and what might happen. I then met the Heeran's Home Team, they were also so kind and patient with me. They were all on hand if I had any questions and I didn't feel alone or lost. At one point it looked as if the lender of the house was going to make selling the house difficult and for a minute I thought we were going to throw in the towel. Loretta and the team pushed through it and found a buyer for my house. They stayed on top of things and sold my house. I would and do highly recommend this terrific team. In truth there are no words that I could use to express my gratitude for this hard working group of Realtors, the Heeran Home Team. Thank you sooo much,"
      -Maria Trusler, Omaha Nebraska
      "Heather, thank you for putting up with me and keeping me "Grounded" through all this. You're the best! I had so many emotions during this, I don't think I could have done this without you. Thanks again"
      -Rhona Puetz, Omaha Nebraska
      "Because we were moving out-of-state we were very anxious to sell our house; Heeran and her real estate team understood this. Through each step of the selling process they were timely, informative and professional. I am quite sure that the final price we received for the house was due to Heeran's and Loretta's negotiating skills. I'd like to thank everyone on Heeran's Home Team and happy to recommend her to anyone."
      -Terrie Johansen, Omaha Nebraska
      "Selling our house was a sudden decision that I wasn't quite ready for. My husband got a job out of state and we did not want to be separated as a family for very long. I have known Heeran for a long time and was confident in her sales abilities, but I hadn't ever worked with her team before. Heeran's Home Team was always available and very knowledgeable about our property and what was going on. I really like the showing service they use as well. Even though I was unprepared for the process, Heeran and her team made it a very smooth transition. Our home sold in a month, right at the holidays when we were concerned there wouldn't be any interest. It also closed in a month, despite us being out of town, the weather being below zero and a contractor being needed to complete outside repairs! We are very grateful to Heeran and her team for the help, guidance, and assistance we received and for the quick sale of our home."
      -Blake and Alison Renner, Bennington Nebraska
      "I needed to sell my home and I didn't know where to look until I found Heeran Workman. Her credentials were spectacular. With so many real estate agents to choose from I know right when I spoke to hear she was the one. Heeran has an outstanding team and made this headache of an experience into a seamless, delightful one. I encourage any one out there that needs representation to not hesitate and contact Heeran and her team. You won't be dissappointed! Thank you Heerans home team!"
      -Dennis Suchy, Omaha Nebraska
      "Heeran's Home Team is outstanding. They had our investor special home listed one day and pending to close the next. The Listing and Closing Managers were informative and answered every question. We also knew what had to be done for a timely closing and we received progress reports. Heeran's Home Team goes the extra mile for homebuyers and sellers and investors as well!!! Thanks so much."
      -Shirley M, Omaha Nebraska
      -Robert Young, Millard Nebraska
      "Heeran, I would like to thank you and your team for getting our house sold. It was previously listed for 6 months with another agent with little activity. In comparison, your method of marketing produced potential buyers (showings) on a weekly basis and ultimately a buyer. We are also pleased with locating our new home with the help of Heather. Thanks again"
      -Tim Sautter, Acreage Owner Fort Calhoun Nebraska
      "Always on top of everything and one step ahead, Heeran is always honest with you and takes the time to let you know the ins and outs of what you need to do to sell your home. Her experience really shines through when you get a contract on your house. She makes sure all the process will run smoothly and does not leave things to chance, She believes in doing things right the first time and always protecting her client. Was a pleasure working with Heeran. She always spotted potential problems and took care of things before they became a problem. Her whole team was very professional and immediately responsive to any problems that came up."
      -Mike Bell, Omaha NE
      "Heeran sold us on her professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm on our first meeting with her. Then she got us a full price offer the first day our house was on the market. If you want to sell your house, fast and comfortably hire her amazing team!"
      -Miriam and Jonathan Gross, Omaha Nebraska
      "We tried FSBO. Heeran stopped by and gave us her business information. We thought about it for a while and decided to interview her for the job. Best decision we've ever made. The listing info/pictures/marketing was done in less than 72 hours. The house was listed for less that 24 hours and we had a signed offer. Heeran and her team explained the process and guided us to the end. We're very happy with the outcome. Thank you to the entire team for all their hard work."
      -Scott and Jamie Wiezorek, Millard Nebraska
      "Having known the abilities of Heeran Workman from a business side I knew that she and her enterprise would be the best for my mother-in-law’s downsizing. The house was a four-bedroom home built in 1978 and was very well cared for. As a banker, I had a pretty good idea of the home value and Heeran  came to us with an asking price spot on with my thinking and the timing necessary to sell the house. All of the pre-sale arrangements were discussed with Heeran’s team, and Heeran called to help with anything needed for excellent communications. The photographer took quality pictures, a lot of them, too, and coordinated with my family to find the best time to do it. We had an offer the NEXT DAY after the first showing at over the asking price from a qualified buyer! There also was another party ready to purchase in the event the original one was unable to complete the transaction! She was able to help us handle all of the requirements needed to sell the house. Everything could NOT have gone better, and the people she recommended to help sell the extra personal items were fantastic. The communication was always open and the team timely responded to every request. I would recommend Heeran Workman and her team to assist in handling real estate transactions when you want things to go well."
      -Tom Clabaugh

      "Working with Heeran was great! She understood all of our needs and provided us with

       several options in order to sell our home. Her team was great to work with as well. With Heeran's help we sold our house in 4 days!!! We would highly recommend her and her team! We have already referred her to a friend! Thanks Heeran for all your hard work!"

      "Heeran walked through the house and let us know what we needed to do for a quick sale...it worked. The house was on the market for half a day and with 4 viewings we had 2 full price offers! Her support didn't stop there...she helped us through the rest of the questions and processes until  closing. Heeran and her team are the best!"

      "Heeran Workman and her team are the best team in the business. I was thrilled to find a team that 'only' represents the seller (no conflict of interest representing both sides) and sought our best interests throughout the sales process. This highly experienced team is  very honest and upfront in all they do, putting the customer first in a business where 'trust' is very hard to earn. Heeran's team sold our acreage home in 7 days very-close to asking price! Such a wonderful surprise after visiting with several top name real estate companies who set our expectations much much lower. Ours was a very emotional sale of a property that had been in the family a long time and they handled everything with such care. We could not have done it without them...seriously :) If you are looking for a team that works very hard for you (cares), implements state of the art marketing programs that others do not, has impeccable communication and negotiation skills - this is the team for you! Heeran's standards are very high for herself and her team-and they will be for you as well. 


      -Amaris and Nate McDermott, Omaha Nebraska
      "My house was on the market for 2 days and I had multiple offers and sold for over the asking price. The closing went smoothly and all of the team worked as a well oiled machine."
      -Naomi Hummel, Mid-Town Omaha Nebraska
      "Heeran was just awesome to work with! She had an extremely aggressive marketing strategy that got us 2 offers within ONE WEEK! We were under contract so fast, I could hardly believe it. She also worked with our special circumstances, as most of the time we were out of state and facing a military move! I just can't thank her and her team enough for the great job they did!"
      -Dana & Zach Anderson, Omaha Nebraska
      "Very professional and confidant about selling our house. Looking for buyers and wanting to move fast. Has a team of two other ladies that help her. Got things done quickly so far. Hope it is a done deal. I would recommend her to other Sellers."
      -Mary Ann & Bernie Buscher, South Omaha Nebraska
      "It is without hesitation that we give Heeran and her team a complete five-star rating. From the get-go Heeran was professional and had an impressive marketing plan and strategy to put our house on the market in a competitive fashion to get it sold immediately. Moreover, Heeran's team is so well organized and handles adversity like true professionals, always performing in an ethical manner that also had our best interests in mind. We had an atypical experience in that our house went under contract four times, with the first three offers falling through due to completely unforeseen circumstances--two had financing fall through despite having preapproval letters, and the third simply walked away for no good reason. However, each time, after securing the earnest deposit from each of the failed offers, Heeran's team was then able to turn around immediately and bring multiple offers to the table within 48 hours that were above asking price. Our home sold for more than our asking price because of Heeran's skillful negotiations and her team's successful management. You truly cannot go wrong with this realtor and her team. They are worth every penny in their commission and are a delight to work with."
      -Todd & Brooke Lehmann, Papillion NE
      "I had seen a few homes in my neighborhood sell quickly by Heeran's home team, so I decided to check them out. I met with a few other realtors, too, but I chose Heeran for these reasons:
      -organized: she explained the selling/buying processes clearly
      -very efficient and got right to the point: They did not want to waste anyone's time, which is a quality I appreciate.
      -great use of technology: Heeran and her team know their stuff and have the marketing and legal processes down to a science. I appreciated their use of technology. It seemed to make things go more quickly and easily.
      -gave helpful suggestions to make the house look more appealing to potential buyers. Also, the photographs they took of my home really made it look its best
      -responded to phone calls and emails in a timely manner: Even though we have been home owners for nearly a decade, my husband and I were a little unfamiliar with the process for selling/buying a home. They never made us feel bad for asking "silly" questions
      -aggressive: Heeran sold our home in 10 days. We *did* end up lowering the price a bit, but in the end, it sold for higher than the reduced price, so all in all, I was pleased with the final selling price.
      I enjoyed working with the whole team. I have already recommended them to family and friends!"
      -Kristi and Sam Evans, Bennington Nebraska
      "Fantastic!!!! Over communication in the very best way. The whole team is professional and keeps the seller in the loop. No need to guess what is the status of your property!! From top to bottom first class service all the way!!"
      -Lamar and LaQisha Pringle, Omaha NE
      "We had such a great experience working with Heeran's Team. Our agent Heather was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. She took the time to understand what was important to us in a home, both from a needs and wants perspective. She sought out properties that met those needs and wants and got us into an amazing house. We had some small problems after the purchase and Heather was still there for us and took care of everything."
      -Cassandra & Mike Remmenga, Elkhorn NE
      "House sold first week at full asking price. If you are looking for a high level of experience and knowledge of selling homes then Heeran is the choice to make. Her business plan and marketing strategy separates from the rest of the real estate market. Very happy with the choice I made. Job well done."
      Marc & Heather Welander, Midtown Omaha Nebraska

      We wanted to thank you and your team for the exceptional and personal work you did in selling out house and to thank you for the photo album. We loved it! We certainly did not anticipate to get that "cherry on top of the ice cream" :-)  What a great personal touch. You are able to understand your clients and without compromising professionalism and effectiveness you deliver the quality service you provide.  Thank you!  We will happily refer you any friends that are interested in selling or buying in the Omaha area.
      -Alfredo and Veronica Rivera, Omaha Nebraska
      Thank you to Heeran and her team for a wonderful job, well done, on the sale of my home. Heeran was fun to work with as well as professional, knowledgeable, and eager to satisfy my timeline and pricing. I would, without a doubt, recommend her to others!!!! KUDOS!!! --Gale McCreary, Omaha Nebraska
      "We worked with Loretta McNally to sell our home of 12 yrs. I had Loretta come 6 mons. prior to putting our house on the market just to get an idea of what we needed to do to update our home. She offered workable suggestions and showed genuine interest in helping us prepare for the sale of our home. They were wonderful to work with through the whole process. I would highly recommend the Heeran team!"

      -Shelly Ron Reese, Papillion Nebraska

      "Heeran was amazing. She kept us informed at all steps along the way. She was so organized. She did what she said, when she said she would. Check her out, you won't be sorry, and your house WILL BE SOLD!"
      -Meg Trewhitt, Gretna Nebraska
      Our experience with heeran was amazing. She responded to every text, call and email very promptly. Even if it was her day off. She got us multiple offers and above asking price. Shew as very knowledgeable when helping us getting our house ready to go on the market. I have never had a better Real  estate agent. I would use her again and recommend her to anyone I know. She was professional and courteous and Took the time to get to know our needs and wants during the whole process. There was not one question unanswered. I am above and beyond impressed with her. This couldn’t have been a more smooth process.
      -Joe and Shelly Gibbs, Millard Nebraska
      "Heeran and her team were awesome! We worked with Heeran for both selling our home and purchasing our new home. She was great at both. She offered excellent advice on staging our home and letting us know items that would show it to its best advantage. She listened to us when looking for our new  place and helped us find a home that included everything we wanted. She was a true advocate for us on both sides. We couldn't have been happier!"
      -Richard and Diane Schafer, Millard Nebraska

      "Heeran is very easy to work with. She answered all my questions and also helped me search for ways to make my move quick and easy. My house sold in 1 day for well over asking!! Thank you Heeran." 

      -Erin Connely, Millard Nebraska

      "Heeran was easy and wonderful to work with. She sold the property in four days we were amazed. She took the time to have wonderful photos taken, and put them on the website.
      It had been on the market for over a year with another company."
      -Sue Graves, Omaha Nebraska

      Heeran is fantastic at her job. She puts her clients first and is there for you whenever you need her and for almost anything you need her to do. She made a very stressful time much smoother than I thought it could be and even helped me after the sale of my home with a personal matter. She is a  very hard working and dedicated real estate professional. -Oluwole and Danielle Odunusi, Millard Nebraska

      "Four days! It took Heeran just four days to sell my grandmothers house, and above asking price!! This was not a normal transaction since there were several people involved. Heeran took the time to meet with us, some of us individually. She took her knowledge and definitely got the job that another  could not and would not do. She is absolutely a pleasure to work with and my family with continue doing all future endeavours with her. If you want the best, look no further! " -Larry Graves and family, Omaha Nebraska

      "Heeran is extremely knowledgeable, consciousness, professional, sincere, and such a pleasure to work with. She guided me step by step and always kept me informed and invoved in the process. In my experience she is the best realtor I have had the pleasure to work with and would highly recommend to  everyone. You can tell that she is not only great at her job but that she enjoys it and makes it a positive experience with her caring supportive attitude and team." -Anna Secor, Plattsmouth Nebraska

      "Heeran and her team were incredible! They were very patient with us as we sold and bought a new home. We had an unexpected hiccup occur towards the end due to the other party, and they worked late and got it figured out for us! Saved us a huge headache and we were still able to move on time. I  would recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home for a pain free experience, and they were so knowledgeable!" -Jason and Jacky Belt, Millard Nebraska

      "I used Herran to complete my FSBO transaction. She did an amazing job. I already had the buyer, but, the buyers had contingencies in their offer. Heeran guided us for small fee and took care of all of our paperwork. She helped with the all the details and scheduling of inspections etc. I  couldn't have asked for smoother process and open communication. One thing that did top off the experience was that she sent us a copy of the closing paperwork at the end of the year for our taxes. She goes the extra mile." -Damon and Tama Cimino

      -Cathy Brown

      "Probably the best quality we found in Heeran was her marketing strategies. We had our home on the market and an offer in less than three days, it was in "as is" condition and it was not an ideal time to be selling. Due to an unexpected flood from a shut off valve breaking that sale did not go  through, although Heeran was with us all the way and did all she could to get the house to close. After the restoration the home was basically new except the bedrooms upstairs and we had full price offers the night it went on the market. Heeran was excited for us, spent a lot of time helping me through everything that happened and was a voice of reason in the middle of my hysterics at times. She is extremely professional but balances that with a caring heart and calmness that I would think anyone would be happy to have in the person representing them. Her team is fantastic and there was always a quick response to my questions, even when they had to be answered more than once. I can't thank them enough and would recommend them without reservation." -Doug and Sharon Shuster

      "This is a testimony of the service we received from Heeran’s Team with the sale of my mother’s home. It is not an easy decision to make to sell your home and leave the last residence that you had with your spouse. But since my father passed away in May 2015, my mother made the decision that a 4  bedroom house on a corner lot was too much to take care of at 85 years of age. We called Heeran Workman and asked her to meet us at the house to review the options available for my mother. My mother felt very comfortable for the beginning with Heeran and decided on the spot to list the home in her hands. From the very beginning Heeran understood that my mother could not manage to have lots of people coming into the home on a short notice and recommended that we have two private open houses, the first one to occur on June 21st. The open house went very well, so well that we had a contract to accept above price on June 22nd! All of the team members with Heeran’s team worked very hard on behalf of my mother to make this such an easy transition. Heeran also recommended an excellent estate sales team that were able to sell almost all of my parent’s remaining possessions. I would recommend in a heartbeat Heeran’s team to get the job done!" -Mary Clabaugh, Papillion NE

      "I would never hire another agent- Heeran was amazing! She is very bright and has a keen sense for the housing market. She has set up her team to be efficient and effective. In particular, Kelly was exemplary in her work and advocates for the client. Even though I now live in another state, I will  be calling Heeran to find her most highly recommend colleague in the area when I am ready to buy a home, as I trust her advice implicitly." -Jason and Kristin Watkins, Omaha Nebraska

      "The Heeran Workman Team, Heeran, Gina and Kelly, are the go to guys if you want your home sold. They use a proven, well thought out and executed, plan to get your home exposed to the right motivated target buyers. Then, when they bring you a contract, they work hard to finalize the sale and  overcome the unexpected emergent potential deal breakers that can emerge in the post contract process. Like many, we thought once you get a contract, the sale of your home is a done deal. … Our buyers tried to shift and ask for the world as a condition for closing on the sale. We gave them Team Heeran; with Team Heeran’s help, we were able to close on the sale of our home and keep our world. After having listed with another agent for over 4 months with no serious buyers, Team Heeran brought us an all cash offer in just over 30 days. We got a fair price for our home. Had we used Team Heeran from the start, we know we would have gotten a better price. Our advice, do not vacillate on choosing the best broker. Start with Team Heeran and get it done. "

      -Warren Elmore, Papillion Nebraska

      Sold my house in 20 hours and I had 9 appointments to see it the first day. They really have a team of professionals to guide you through the process.
      -Steve Dodds, Bellevue Nebraska

      Heeran introduced me to a more professional manner of doing business. She and her team worked together to get my home sold within 45 days. I would definitely refer her and her team to my family and friends.

      -Ernestine Burtley, Omaha Nebraska

      I HIGHLY recommend Heeran and her team. The care she and her team give is comprehensive and thorough . Sold our house in 2 weeks for what we were asking for . Buying an apartment soon in Omaha and will 100% use her services again . Thank you !!!! ******


      Our home sold in 7 days!"
      - user4669899

      "This was not my first experience with Heeran (and associates). Will use again when the occasion presents itself. Very efficient and very organized. Always have answers when the process brings questions. Have used others in the past...very few compare to Heeran."
      -Stephen Shain Humphrey, Omaha NE

      "Heeran Workman and her associate Kelly Rasmussen are the best we have come across in our first time home sale adventure. From the beginning Heeran has been transparent with the way the whole thing works and honest with her opinion of the market condition, prevailing listing prices in the  neighborhood. With her Tech savvy approach towards extremely sophisticated marketing she brought the most showings quickly . Thank you so much for all the help and understanding . We are glad that we been able to sell our home and move out soon for the dream that we are going to live.You have played a great role in helping us out with selling the home quickly . . Thank you
      -Raji and Jay, Bennington NE

      "Heeran successfully helped us sell our home quickly and at the price we wanted. She has a professional team that took care of every possible task or question with precision and professionalism. She and her team were a joy to work with."

      "I can honestly say that the Heeran Home Team was successful beyond my expectations. They were able to succeed where other realtors failed to achieve results. Not only was the process handled in an uncomplicated timely and uncomplicated manner, the communication was open and at no time was I
      lacking information on the status of this sale or actions needed. I am impressed with the friendly, professional, and competent manner they present. I would not hesitate to use this team for any future transactions."
      -Peter Neddo, Bellevue NE

      -Sharon and Scott Dowell, Papillion NE